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600 Prices Fork Rd.    Blacksburg, VA  24060

"A Reconciling in Christ Congregation"

We are a caring and compassionate community, growing as Christ's disciples.  Dedicated  to worship, study and prayer, we address social concerns, both locally and globally, and welcome people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

 Summer Worship Services

are at 8:30 and 10:00 a.m.

Beginning August 23, service times will return to 8:30 and 11:00 a.m.





The Social Ministry Committee has approved the designation of Change for Change in July to support mission work in Kenya.  Specifically, the funds collected in July will support Ted Heller, our contractor on the Von Bora House, and his mission work in construction in Kenya.  Ted has been working with a group called Foundation Ministries that has crews who work with local residents in Kenya on the construction of much-needed buildings in their community.  So far the group has constructed a mission house, a house of prayer, a medical clinic and a grain grinding mill in this specific Kenyan location.  They are now working to complete a 3100 sq ft multipurpose building that will serve to house and train medical missionaries and also serve as a community center.  For the past several years Ted has been going with this group (at his own cost) for approximately four weeks each year to work on these construction projects and work with those in the community in Kenya.  In addition to volunteering their time, those who go on the trip also contribute much of the cost of the facilities constructed.

Ted’s help with the Von Bora House was critical to our ability to finally complete the renovations needed to bring the facility back into service for providing shelter for families in need.  Ted handled all of the aspects of the renovation that were “above our pay grade”, and did so at a cost that was way, way below what other contractors had proposed.  Without his help we would not have the house back in use and in the superb condition that it is.

An anonymous member of the congregation has committed to matching the Change for Change offering for July on a dollar-for-dollar basis (up to $500).  The LMLC congregation would like to thank Ted for his commitment to the Von Bora House by helping to support his mission work in Kenya, where he will again return in the spring of 2016.  Thanks for considering a contribution!

von Bora Haus Renovations Photos